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Fixing VMware Workstation 8 and insserv

Not too long ago VMware has a product called “VMware Server” which originally came with a dedicated management application. Later VMware threw out the console and created a web interface for VMware Server. Not long after that they completely threw VMware Server away in favor of their new enterprise software solution(s) ESX/ESXi/vCenter/vSphere/etc. For the new(ish) VMware Workstation 8 one of the most notable features is the “Shared VMs” which is more or less a reawakening of  their original VMware Server application functionality. With this feature you can once again set VMs to run in the background, autostart, and access via network. However a problem arises with the installation on systems which use insserv. Read on and I’ll explain the problem and show you how to fix it. Read moreRead more


VMware Removes Some Functionality

I happen to use quit a diversity of VMware products both for personal use and work. On my work laptop I have been using VMware Workstation now for a few years. When working with ESX(i) or VMware virtualization technologies in general I used to love some of the great lesser documented utilities which comes with Workstation. Two utilities that I have used rather extensively were vmware-mount and vmware-vdiskmanager. After upgrading to the latest VMware Worstation v8 I was super impressed with some of the great new features. However, when trying to convert a virtual disk (vmdk) using vmware-vdiskmanager I was awfully disappointed to see some functionality left out on this version. Read moreRead more


Convert OVA/OVF VMware to QEMU/KVM/Virtualbox

Drawing on discoveries made in a previous post we can use the vmware-mount -f to get access to a raw disk image inside VMware’s proprietary compressed vmdk. Once there converting this raw disk image to other virtual disk images is a snap. Read moreRead more


Rescue Data From a Corrupt VMware Appliance

Recently I ran into a spot of trouble trying to import a VMware Appliance. It seems as though I suffered some data corruption and I could no longer import or convert the appliance. Recreating the appliance wasn’t a huge issue but there were some configuration files and scripts in the appliance which I simply had to have. A Google search told me that there was no way to mount the compressed vmdk file – but it is possible. Read moreRead more


Load Balancing MOSS on ESX with CISCO

I was recently doing some Field Support for a customer who was having issues load balancing two Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 frontends. The work around was well documented but took some time and searching before I was able to get a working solution. Therefore I post the information here in hopes that it might prove useful.

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