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Editorial: MS Server 2008 – Resource Nightmare

I did not intent to do much editorializing on this site but after a rather frustrating week I thought that perhaps this might provide some stress relief.

This past week I have been working in the lab on standing up a Microsoft Office Sharepoint CMS for the purpose of testing. This CMS consisted of two separate servers runing Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2010. Up until this point my customers really haven’t been using Server ’08 so I looked forward to getting a bit of hands-on time with the O/S. The experience was not pleasant. Read moreRead more


Load Balancing MOSS on ESX with CISCO

I was recently doing some Field Support for a customer who was having issues load balancing two Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 frontends. The work around was well documented but took some time and searching before I was able to get a working solution. Therefore I post the information here in hopes that it might prove useful.

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