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Android RSYNC over SSH to Linux

For years I have been using Rsync to backup my files on my Linux desktop and server. Looking at how easy and automated this solution is I decided to try to find a similar solution for my Android phone. Originally I accomplished the task using a PULL method, that is my Linux box would initiate an rsync script that would pull the data from the phone to the server. I used a popular ssh server for Android which ran as a service so that the client on the Linux Box could connect to the phone. This method worked quite well except it could only be used inside my home network. When on mobile, Verizon uses an “Internal” type IP address thus making it impossible to initiate an outside connection. A dynamic IP is also an issue. In order to get around these limitations I decided to use a push method initiated from the phone. This would allow a backup to occur anywhere either on wifi or mobile. Read moreRead more