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VMware Removes Some Functionality

I happen to use quit a diversity of VMware products both for personal use and work. On my work laptop I have been using VMware Workstation now for a few years. When working with ESX(i) or VMware virtualization technologies in general I used to love some of the great lesser documented utilities which comes with Workstation. Two utilities that I have used rather extensively were vmware-mount and vmware-vdiskmanager. After upgrading to the latest VMware Worstation v8 I was super impressed with some of the great new features. However, when trying to convert a virtual disk (vmdk) using vmware-vdiskmanager I was awfully disappointed to see some functionality left out on this version. Read moreRead more


fslinux_build: Debian Custom Build Script

Following on with this project I have finally put together a script to custom build a Debian installation ISO. Although this script does not provide a solution to all the design goals I had in mind it does provide a simple method and framework to work towards my ultimate goals. Read moreRead more


Rsync Snapshots: Space Saving & Fast Recovery

De-duplication! That is the keyword and if your backup storage hardware does not support it natively you still need it. That is the focus of this article. So I wrote earlier about rsync backups and the strategies used in the backintime software. Having gotten a bit of time to work with it I hope to outline a method to do “snapshot” style backups using rsync. This gives us the ability to quickly and easily “roll-back” to a previous date and time. Additionally the management of our backups gets vastly simplified and the de-duplication that this brings saves a ton of space.

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Install Debian Squeeze on Macbook 8,1

This year I came into possession  of a new MacBook Pro 8,1 laptop. Not my personal choice in hardware platforms but after some research it was actually a good value for the hardware. Of course the first thing I did was to attempt and install Linux. Unfortunately the newer hardware made it rather impossible to install the “Stable” version of Debian Linux. With some tinkering I was able to get Debian Unstable (Sid) running but a few weeks ago Debian Sid switched to Gnome-Shell (gnome3). Avoiding the new Gnome desktop environment I re-installed my O/S this time using Debian Testing (Wheezy.) Sure enough a few weeks later Wheezy was pushed the updated Gnome from Sid and I found myself in a real pickle. I spent an entire evening installing and tweaking to get Debain Stable (Squeeze) working. In the end I was very successful. This article contains the steps necessary in getting this running. Read moreRead more


Metacity Compositing Switch

A script for turning Metacity’s buit-in Compositing on and off in Gnome. Read moreRead more