July 5, 2011

Convert OVA/OVF VMware to QEMU/KVM/Virtualbox


Drawing on discoveries made in a previous post we can use the vmware-mount -f to get access to a raw disk image inside VMware’s proprietary compressed vmdk. Once there converting this raw disk image to other virtual disk images is a snap.

After searching google for an answer I was unable to find a way to convert the compressed VMware appliance hard-disk image (vmdk). I ran it through  qemu-img (the pinnacle of virtual disk conversion software) and it error’d out as expected. But after mounting the image with vmware-mount I was able to convert the raw “flat” image to qcow format… no problems.

***EDIT*** I recently realized that KVM can use VMware’s flat vmdk disk images natively. This is good news as you can therefore utilize the free VMware Converter to convert/extract your appliances. This application (like qemu-img) allows for “thin provisioned” (or grow-as-you-go) virtual disk images.


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